Big Lake Duck Calls - The Best Calls Made, Period!

Big Lake Outdoor Products of Elloree, South Carolina is proud to offer Perfect Timber duck calls in single reed Loud and Medium volume as well as World’s Best Double-Reed (WBD), all turned from premium cast acrylic with a variety of color options. Perfect Honker acrylic goose calls are also available in the short reed style that produce incredibly authentic goose sounds.

Big Lake duck calls are quickly becoming known for incredible “ducky” sounds, tremendous ease of effort to blow, and for making all of the sounds of the mallard duck. The hail call, greeting call, comeback call, feeding call, and even the cajun squeal can be easily made with the Perfect Timber duck calls. We consider the Worlds Best Double-Reed (WBD) as one of the finest double-reed ever made, able to make incredible mallard calls, loud or quiet. Each of these calls are designed to produce quality sound and to prevent the reed from sticking; both being main objectives in offering a quality product. Loud, quiet, realistic, single or double-reed - they do it all for any condition!

'Made in South Carolina, to be used anywhere in the World'  is a statement that is true and something that we are proud to tell everyone.  Words like beautiful, striking, dominating, and dependable are things that Big Lake waterfowl call owners are saying whenever they might use these calls anywhere from the Mid-West, to the North Eastern Shore, and down south as well.  Their ease-of-use when blowing, real raspiness, and a "Refusal to ever stick" even when wet, has got Big Lake owners really singing it's praises.  More and more big ducks are getting "Big Laked" after being fooled by these calls.  Other hunters are also getting "Big Laked' when hunting near those who use these premium calls and watching flight after flight being drawn into the decoy spreads of Big Lake callers and not theirs.  Join the excitement of owning and blowing these exciting calls. 

Just call or write us if we can help any of your waterfowling dreams come true!

Perfect Timber - Medium Volume . Perfect Timber - Open Water
Perfect Timber - World's Best Double Reed
D2T2 - Double Reed (Pro Grade)  . The Force - Competition Call
Polycarbonate Calls .  Perfect Honker


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