BIG Lake History

Big Lake is a place located in South Carolina’s renowned Santee swamp off the Wateree River that is both enchanting and mythical. It was here that a little boy was introduced to hunting and fishing by first his father and then his grandfather when the father passed away. By continuing an outdoor legacy, both the grandfather and his 7 yr old grandson comforted each other over this grievous loss as they trekked on foot and by boat in the grand
3rd Place Winner,

SC Duck Calling Championship 2010

 waterways and magnificent cypress sloughs of Big Lake catching fish and hunting duck, deer, squirrel, and hogs. Those precious childhood memories that I still cherish today led me to name the company after the endeared Big Lake. “Let’s head to the Lake” has so much meaning to so many people with their fathers and sons, daughters, and grandchildren, and I hope these premium products will be able to do their part in providing many more such memories in the future to everyone that uses them.

Since my first excursions in Big Lake, duck calling and duck hunting has been a passion for me. This passion has carried me from South Carolina to Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, and Canada on numerous quests to experience the many outdoor enjoyments of waterfowling. All of these hunting trips, for me, were about calling and outwitting ducks with a duck call as much as shooting them. The enjoyment of calling and working birds eventually led to a dream to be able to hunt with a duck call that I personally made. An idea turned into a reality after several years of intensive research and work on developing a call with the desired characteristics of a premium sounding duck call. The end result of what was originally a novel idea of having my own hunting call, resulted in a product line to share with all waterfowlers demanding superior sounding calls.  

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