BIG LAKE Hunting Report

A Pro Grade Duck Call

This can then lead to experiences in the field that may just put you in a situation where you are the one that gets to share the story of the flock of several hundred birds that sat down in the decoys, or, where limits were tough but your calling allowed you to be the admired hunting party back at the boat landing.”  Read More

Press play to listen to Big Lake D2T2 duck call.
Press play to listen to a modified cut down call
Of Hybrids, Perseverance, and Such

Our calling and the prominent placement of our decoy spread served to catch the attention of ducks, despite them flying at high altitude over the middle of a sizable lake. It was gratifying to see the ducks lose altitude to drop down with the wind and make a swing up the string of decoys and into shooting range….  Read More          

Press play to listen to Big Lake open water calls.  

All the Reasons to Justify Driving Thousands of Miles for Ducks
Kevin Ott and William Weathers were part of a group of outdoorsmen set out for North Dakota the first week of November, 2010 in pursuit of the grand waterfowling experiences that the northern midwest migration offers. St. Matthews and Bowman, South Carolina, respectively are where their hunting roots originate although these two often venture beyond South Carolina to pursue experiences that only such an expedition as this could provide... Read More 
Goose Hunting the Eastern Shore of Maryland with BIG LAKE Calls
Thanksgiving was spent with a trip up to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to visit family and to enjoy the much renowned waterfowling heritage that this area is so well known for. This was a time to go beyond South Carolina and use the goose call...Read More
Greenheads on Santee
Lake Marion, better known as Santee, is partly responsible for the passion of many of South Carolina’s waterfowlers due to its rich waterfowling history. For many years Santee was a premier hunting location on the east coast and primarily for migrating mallards. Santee’s vast flooded swamps of cypress, tupelo, and oaks offered a rich food resource that drew thousands of mallards to the area. Stories from books, images from worn pictures, and memories lingering from years ago tell the stories of hunts in timber holes, cypress slews, and on open water amidst the ghosts of ancient cypress trees... Read More


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